Heat star Jimmy Butler producing 200 songs for a country music album


Heat star Jimmy Butler producing 200 songs for a country music album

Jimmy Butler is a superstar on the basketball court, but now he is trying to extend his greatness to the recording studio. Butler has set his sights on producing a hit country album, and he has already made good progress in that endeavor.

In an interview with The Guardian, Butler revealed that he is fully immersed in putting together a country music album. Butler is a fan of the genre, and stated he has already produced 60 songs for the project, but he is nowhere near done.

Butler said he wants to have 200 songs to choose from before finalizing and releasing the album. The Miami Heat star said it has been a good challenge and one that has forced him to humble himself in the best way possible.

“And it’s fun, and I do love it, but my goodness, it’s difficult,” Butler said. “It’s stressful — it’s completely different from basketball. I’m not saying basketball’s easy either, but just for people to be able to think they can just go do this or that – it’s like, man, look. Humble yourself. It is incredibly fun, I’ve had a blast while doing it. But I will tell you that it’s not easy.”

Anyone hoping to hear the sultry tones of Butler’s voice on the tracks will be disappointed. Butler said he is more interested in being a producer instead of a singer.

“I’m like the DJ Khaled of this thing,” Butler said.

If Butler still needs another 140 songs before he is ready to unveil the album, it might be a while before people get to hear it. Besides, Butler is in the thick of another strong season with the Heat, who sit in fifth place in the Eastern Conference standings.

Through 25 games played, Butler is averaging 21.4 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 4.4 assists per contest.

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